FAQ’s about the writing project

How do you choose the artists?

The writers choose the artist(s) they want to write about. All we ask is that they choose the artist(s) that they are most excited about.

There is no suggestion that this is a systematic attempt to identify the “best” or “most important” Detroit artists, but since we have now published articles on over 150 artists, written by a diverse group of more than 30 authors, we’re comfortable in describing it as a broad survey of the Detroit art scene.

Who counts as a Detroit artist?

Good question. We think of it as an artist who is either based in Metropolitan Detroit and/or recognized as active in the Detroit art scene.

Who should I contact if I have an idea for an essay?

steve (at) essayd.org or Matthew (at) essayd.org

How much do you pay?

We pay $250 for 750 words.

Is there an editorial process?

Every writer has to agree that their article will go through an editorial review process. The writer doesn’t have to accept any of the editorial suggestions (other than typos, factual errors, etc); the final decision is always theirs.