About Essay’d

Essay’d is an art writing and curatorial project based in Detroit. 

As practitioners, we write and publish short illustrated articles about Detroit artists, and we curate exhibitions based on the research that we do during the writing process. In general, we are committed to the transition of art writing and curating in Detroit from low-performing (and often unpaid) activities to high-performing (and paid) activities.

As educators, we believe in broader access to the tools of cultural production. To this end, we run writing and curatorial workshops, and we mentor workshop participants through the publication of their first piece(s)of writing or the creation of their first exhibition(s).

As advocates, we push for a more equitable and dynamic Detroit Art Ecosystem. We analyze where money comes from and where it goes. We advocate for holding institutions to higher standards.

Through slowly building the Essay’d project, we’ve developed an unprecedented community of artists, writers, curators, venues, art professionals, and general art appreciators. If you have any comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact: steve (at) essayd.org or matthew (at) essayd.org

You can read about our impact here.