About Essay’d

Essay’d is a writing project that publishes short illustrated articles about Detroit artists. 

The writers choose their subjects. There is no suggestion that this is a systematic attempt to identify the “best” or “most important” Detroit artists, but since we have now published articles on over 130 artists, written by more than 30 authors, the project has evolved into something of a broad survey of the Detroit art scene.

We use the writing project as a platform to organize exhibitions, events, and workshops on art writing, publishing, and curating. The revenue from these endeavors, in conjunction with funding from various foundations, allows writers, artists, and editors to get paid.

Through slowly building this project, we’ve developed an unprecedented community of artists, writers, curators, venues, art professionals, and general art appreciators. We hope that this website both reflects, and extends this collaborative network. If you have any suggestions as to how it could better serve your needs, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Comments or questions? CONTACT: steve (at) essayd.org or matthew (at) essayd.org