Feedback from Past Writing Workshops

“I’ve attended 3 arts writing workshops, one at MOCAD a few years ago, one at Northwestern University in Chicago last year and this one. This was by far the best!”

“I have always struggled to actually sit down and think about my art and what it means. I was able to make really big strides in this during the workshop…..”

“The letter writing assignment was fantastic (great to meet a new artist and get to know their work, and practice thinking critically but constructively) and really helpful in warming me up to write my own statement.”

“The workshop was wonderful and I hope to pursue more formalized education experiences like this in the future. I can confidently say I learned more (and better things) in this workshop than I ever learned about art writing while getting my BFA 🙂 “

” It helped me view my work in a new way, and the writing exercises showed me how to pick out the most important descriptive words to better articulate what my work is about and why.”

“The tools we were given to help with our writing are something I know I’ll come back to anytime I need to write about my art “

“It (the workshop) helped me feel less isolated. Now I know that my feelings about my work and how to talk about it are common ones among artists. This helped me feel braver and more able to do the work. It also made me think about my art in totally new ways, and sparked excitement about what I want to make next.”

“You provided a comfortable space for something like this. Talking to a group of people I don’t know about art/my art is really uncomfortable for me (and probably for a lot of artists) but I felt comfortable in the workshop.”

Feedback from participants in “Art Writing for Artists”