Workshop – The Questions of Curating

In April 2019, Essay’d facilitated The Questions of Curating – a curatorial workshop over three weekends at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, funded by the Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation

During the workshop, participants developed curatorial concepts and then worked collectively to develop these concepts by discussing them via questions such as:

Why is it important to do this show at this moment in time? What are the key ideas and texts that make up the conceptual framework of the show? What is the audience you’re hoping to reach? What artists/artworks/artifacts are under consideration for the show? What is the relationship between the show and the space? What is the role of secondary programming? What will happen to the exhibition when it ends? What’s going to provide the “crackle in the air.”

In the final weekend, participants were given the opportunity to present an exhibition proposal to Laura Mott (curator of contemporary art at Cranbrook Art Museum) and Pat Elifritz ( Curator of New Media and Technology at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit). Subsequently, workshop participants continued to meet and produce exhibitions, as documented below:

A Manifest of Ipseities – curated by workshop participant Jetshri Bhadviya