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85 Carole Morisseau


Born Detroit / BS, Central State University, Wilberforce, OH

Consider the art of Carole Morisseau as a bridge—as an expansive structure made of color, composition, and story that is intended to join differing generations, cultures, ethnicities, and classes.

Morisseau makes art, she says, as an expression of her soul, but accepts that approach to be non-paradigmatic. On a universal level, she sees the role of an artist as one of sharing: of ideas, a story, an aesthetic experience. Hence, the bridge analogy; one has to be willing to step on it and cross to the other side to see, to understand and to learn. As she puts it, “There is always something to learn, something to experience and, therefore, always something to express.”

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New writer – Xavier S. Talvela

Xavier S. Talvela is a life-figure and photography model who employs story-telling elements and a knowledge of classical art in his practice. He holds a BA in Communications, an MA in Philosophy and an MA in Art History. In addition to modeling, he has worked in a psychiatric hospital and as a personal trainer, and has a deep interest in art’s therapeutic value when dealing with grief and loss. A member of the Naturist Society Foundation, he advocates body positivity and an end to body shaming. Photo credit: Lights On Studio, Lansing, MI