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84 Tom Phardel


Born Detroit, 1950 / BFA, Eastern Michigan University; MFA, University of Michigan / Lives in Ann Arbor, MI

Tom Phardel—sculptor, ceramist, and curator; beekeeper and bonsai enthusiast—has long played a critical role in the Detroit art community as both an artist and a supporter of other artists, and of course of the ceramic tradition. Serving as (much beloved) teacher and chair of ceramics at CCS for thirty years, he has inspired successive generations of students while pursuing his own artistic path, a path that has led him to a body of work notable for its sense of mystery, spirituality, and devoted connection to the natural world.

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New writer – Heather Earnley

Heather Earnley has taught art and design at over 50 schools and community centers in Detroit, and organized art exhibitions at numerous local galleries and institutions, She currently works for a local theatre group designing all of their promotional material. In her leisure time, Heather writes, makes art, and watches movies.